Fee Schedule

Account Fees

Account Closing within 90 Days of Opening
(Not applicable on Bright Checking nor CD’s)
Account Research of Reconciliation – Includes Information Needed for Subpeona$50.00 per hour
(Minimum charge 1hr)
Account Verification – Per Account, No Charge for Closed or CD Accounts$15.00

Service Fees

ATM Surcharge Fee at Foreign ATMsFees charged for withdrawals at ATMs we do not own will be reversed within one business day
Cashier’s Check$10.00
Check Copies$5.00 Each
Check Printing Charges – Printed by Deluxe $28.00 & Up
Depending on the check type ordered through Deluxe©
Coin per Roll Supplied$0.23
Coin Rolling$0.25/Roll
Credits – Assessed on Commercial Accounts When Monthly Minimum Balance Required is Not Met$0.10/Item
Credits via Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) –
Assessed on Commercial Accounts When Monthly Minimum Balance Requirement is Not Met
Currency per $1,000 Deposited or Supplied Over $15,000 in 1 Day$1.50
Debits – Assessed on Commercial Accounts When Monthly Minimum Balance Requirement is Not Met $0.15/Item
Debit Card Expedited Shipping$25.00
Debit Replacement Card$10.00 (First replacement free of charge)
Deposit Correction$5.00/Deposit
Dormant Account[1]$5.00/Month as Applicable by State Law
Escheatment Fee$30.00 – At the Time of Escheatment Applicable per State Law
Foreign Item Deposit Fee$20.00/Item
Legal Process (Levies, Attachments, Garnishments)$100.00/Order
Multiple Addresses for Statement Delivery$10.00/Address
Overdraft (OD) Funds Paid Charge [1]$32.00 per Item Presented
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) Return Charge [1]$32.00 per Item Presented
Uncollected Funds (UC) Charge [1]$32.00 per Item Presented
Continuous Overdraft Charge [1]

Assessed each day the account has a negative balance after 7 calendar days grace period.

Paper Statement

Not applicable when accessing eStatements through eBanking
$2.00 per statement cycle on Bright Checking
$2.00 per statement cycle on Root Checking
$5.00 per statement cycle on all other checking accounts opened on or after 10/26/20
Scheduled or Excess Transfer$5.00 (One Time Set-up Fee)
Return Dep Item Fee (Return Deposit Item Fee)$7.50
Return Dep Item Special Handling Fee$10.00
Statement Copy$5.00 per Statement
Stop Payment Fee$30.00

[1] Fee does not apply to consumer accounts

Safe Deposit Boxes [2]

3×5$50.00 per Year
5×5 $75.00 per Year
3×10$100.00 per Year
Lost Key Fee$25.00
Drilling Fee$150.00

[2] Only Available at Bethesda Branch

Wire Transfer

Type of TransferFee
Incoming Domestic$10.00
Incoming International$15.00
Outgoing Domestic$25.00
Outgoing International$35.00
Outgoing International Foreign Currency $50.00