Lender Finance

What we do:

We offer custom financing solutions to our clients across the nation in a timely and creative manner in the form of first lien debt facilities to growing middle market specialty finance lenders and investment funds. Representative collateral classes include:

  • Consumer Secured and Unsecured Loans 
  • Real Estate Loans  
  • Private Investment Funds 
  • Small Business Loans 
  • Equipment Finance and Leases 
  • Litigation Finance 
  • Business Development Companies 
  • Premium Finance 
  • Government Receivables

What we offer:

Loan facilities can be revolving in nature and structured to provide an advance rate on eligible collateral subject to various eligibility criteria and ongoing excess concentration limits. Forbright Bank will originate debt facilities ranging in size from $25 million to $75 million and will syndicate facilities over $75 million.

Get in Touch:

Chris Erb
Managing Director, Lender Finance Division

Jim Parker
Managing Director, Lender Finance Division

Kenny Elias
President, Lender Finance Division