Certificates of Deposit

Easy signup. High-yield. FDIC-insured up to the established limit.

Saving for Good. Saving for Change.

Our high-yield Certificates of Deposit accounts give you the opportunity to support a greener, more sustainable future, while investing in your own.

Online Certificates of Deposit Rates

Accurate as of January 25, 2024
Interest RateAPY*Minimum Opening DepositMinimum Balance to Obtain APY
9 Month5.180%5.30%$1,000$1,000
12 Month4.990%5.10%$1,000$1,000
24 Month2.957%3.00%$1,000$1,000
36 Month2.957%3.00%$1,000$1,000
60 Month2.957%3.00%$1,000$1,000

*Annual Percentage Yield

Rates and APYs are subject to change at any time. Fees assessed to account may reduce the earnings. Early withdrawal penalties may apply to all Certificates of Deposit and Individual Retirement Accounts. Intrafi® Network Deposits SM ICS® (Insured Cash Sweep) is available to be linked to any checking, or Money Market account. The interest rate on the ICS will match the linked account rate. Intrafi Network Deposits CDARS® (Certificates of Deposit Account Registry Service) is available at the same rates as Certificates of Deposit rates above. Intrafi and CDARS are subject to additional terms and conditions.

Earn for a Brighter Future

Every cent you save earns interest for you & helps support a brighter, more sustainable future.

How do I renew my CD or access my account?

For answers on how to find your account number, find your User ID, or upload documents, please see the “Renewing My CD and Accessing My Account” page of our full FAQs.

How do I open an account?

Thanks for your interest in opening an online CD with Forbright Bank! You may open a personal CD online by visiting open.forbrightbank.com or by visiting one of our branches in Maryland or Northern Virginia.  

For a full list of locations and hours, please visit https://www.forbrightbank.com/about-us/locations/. 

What do I need to open a Certificate of Deposit account?

To open an account, you will need:

  • A valid form of ID (Driver’s license, state ID, passport)
  • Your social security number
  • Current residential address
  • Your email address
  • Your routing number & account number of funding source account OR
  • Your online login credentials of the funding source account AND
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

What is the minimum balance requirement to open an online CD account?

The minimum balance requirement to open an online CD account is $1,000.

How are funds transferred into my online CD account?

Funds can be transferred from an active personal savings or checking account. The CD can only be funded from one source and not multiple banks. Once opened, no additional funds can be added to the CD, but you can open other CDs and fund from another funding source.

During account opening, you can fund your account from either one of two methods. Some banks can be accessed through Plaid, a secure third-party data transfer network, by inputting your online banking login credentials. The other option is to provide the routing number & account number of the funding source account. This transfer will take place upon account approval. Please ensure sufficient funds are available in the funding account prior to submitting your application. There is no fee to transfer funds.

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

It may take 1 to 2 business days for the Bank to review your completed application. We’ll send you an email to the email address you provide letting you know the status or if additional information is needed.

What are your penalties and fees?

For an account held to maturity, you will earn the full interest rate without any fees, including no fee for a deposit transfer, opening fee or maintenance fee.

The only potential penalty associated with our CDs occurs if you withdraw the deposit early, then a penalty equal to three (3) months interest will be charged to your account for CD terms less than 24 months.

For those longer (24-month term or more), then a penalty equal to six (6) months interest will be charged to your account.

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