Forbright Bank is re-inventing how financial institutions can reshape our approach to climate change—as individuals and as a society.

Who We Are

Forbright Bank is a full-service bank and lender.

We are committed to playing an important role in accelerating the transition to a sustainable and clean energy economy.

What We Do

We are known for our industry-leading sustainable finance practices.

At Forbright, we’re committed to financing the visionary entrepreneurs and sophisticated businesses driving our economy forward across a variety of sectors.

Our 2022 Sustainability Report

Forbright by the numbers


in owned assets


Green Bond issued by Forbright, Inc. in December 2021

30,000+ Metric Tons

annual GHG emissions avoided through estimated renewable energy and energy efficiency related projects


of Forbright’s portfolio directed toward sustainable finance


U.S. signatory of the Principles for Responsible Banking


FDIC-insured up to established limits

As 12/31/2022


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metric tons of carbon

equivalent emissions estimated to be avoided in the atmosphere annually.

Calculated based on Forbright’s estimated 99 annual metric tons of CO2 equivalents avoided per $1MM in financing. This estimate is based on inception-to-date renewable energy & energy efficiency projects financed by Forbright as of 12/31/22.

That’s like avoiding:


gallons of gasoline

Equivalent CO2 emissions from gallons of gasoline consumed calculated based the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“US EPA”) Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

At Forbright, we specifically calculate the estimated annual carbon emissions avoided by the renewable energy & energy efficiency projects we finance. Here are some of the types of energy efficiency projects we support across commercial and residential buildings:

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy
    Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy can finance solar PV, solar thermal, wind turbines, gray water recycling, EV charging stations and battery storage systems.

  • Lighting and Electricity

    Lighting and Electricity
    High-efficiency (LED) lighting and control systems, SMART project pathway lighting, wireless lighting controls

  • Water Efficiency

    Water Efficiency
    Indoor and outdoor water efficiency, including high-efficiency sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, low-flow fixtures, on-demand hot water appliances

  • HVAC

    High-efficiency boilers/chillers, mini-split cooling systems, tankless water heaters

  • Building Envelope

    Building Envelope
    Roof installation, building automation and zoning control systems, air sealing and weather stripping, window film and door replacement

  • Resiliency

    Rain catchment systems, storm water management, seismic upgrades and wind-resistance measures

The Forbright Difference

As a purpose-driven organization, Forbright has made it our mission to implement responsible investment and sustainability policies across our offerings and operations.

Forbright has pledged to maintain carbon neutrality in our operational footprint.

Forbright also provides incentives to employees, including bonuses for purchasing solar panels and electric vehicles, contributions for taking public transit or biking to work, and reimbursements for sustainable subscriptions such as composting and community-supported agriculture.

Certifications and Commitments


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