Forbright offers a range of checking account options to a range of businesses from small to large and for-profit to non-profit. Contact a banker for additional details.

Earns Interest 2NoNo
Monthly Maintenance Fee 3$10$10$10
Minimum Balance Requirement To Waive Monthly Maintenance Fee $1,000 4$1,500 4Earnings Credit is calculated based on checking account balances and used to offset fees. Balances required to offset fees vary depending on volume of transactions and services used each month. 
Forbright Bank Debit Card
Seven “Anywhere” ATM Withdrawals Per Month 5
Bill Pay With Online Banking
E-Statements Available
Cash Management Services

1 Commercial Now Checking available only for sole proprietors and non-profit entities.
2 Interest is calculated daily and credited monthly. View Current Rates.
3 Refer to Schedule of Fees for other charges that may apply.
4 Calculated based on daily balance method.
5 “Anywhere” ATM withdrawals are defined as withdrawals at Non-Forbright Bank ATMs. Non-Forbright Bank ATM Surcharges are rebated to customer account within one business day.

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