Investment options that allow you to plan for your future without sacrificing your values.

Whatever stage you’re at in your investment planning, Forbright has a variety of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options to help you achieve your retirement goals.

IRA Certificate of Deposit (CD) IRA Savings Account
Terms12-60 Months
Earns Interest 1
Minimum Balance Required to Open & Maintain APY$1,000$1,000
Withdrawal LimitationsEarly withdrawal penalties may applyEarly withdrawal penalties may apply
Bill Pay with Online Banking
E-Statements Available
Automatic Renewal 2

Additional restrictions apply. Individual retirement accounts are subject to limitations and/or penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. Please see your tax advisor for additional information
1 Interest is calculated daily and credited monthly.
2 Ten (10) calendar day grace period. Each renewal term will be the same as the original term, beginning on the maturity date. The interest rate at the time of renewal will be the rate offered for a new IRA CD product.
Additional fees may apply. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for more information.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) Rates
Accurate as of January 25, 2024
Interest RateAPY*Minimum Opening Deposit Minimum Balance to Obtain APY
12-17 Month3.687%3.75%$1,000$1,000
18-23 Month3.684%3.75%$1,000$1,000
24-29 Month3.779%3.85%$1,000$1,000
30-35 Month3.778%3.85%$1,000$1,000
36-47 Month3.392%3.45%$1,000$1,000
48-59 Month3.392%3.45%$1,000$1,000
60 Month3.489%3.55%$1,000$1,000
IRA Savings Account0.300%0.30%$1,000$1,000

*Annual Percentage Yield
Rates and APYs are subject to change at any time. Fees assessed to account may reduce the earnings. The disclosed rates on variable accounts (i.e. Checking, Savings, and Money Market) may change after account opening.

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Certificates of Deposit

Easy Signup. High-Yield. FDIC Insured.

Checking and Money Market

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